Daily Covet: Glass Table Lamps

I am nesting.  But not in the nursery department.

I also have Spring Fever, which makes me want to liven things up around my house.

My living room has been a tough room for a long time.  It’s always felt “unfinished.”  I have finally decided to pay some attention to it.  I started with the easy part.  Pillows!

We added an adorable little chest, which we painted bright turquoise against our paler blue walls.  It’s got gold accents, which look great against our straw-colored sofa.

Now, I’m wanting to update lighting.  I want something a little more modern to juxtapose with our mostly French-style antiques.  I think after scouring site after site for lighting that is fabulous, but also affordable (really?  $700 for lamps?!), I have finally found what I’m looking for… enter Pepita glass lamps from you’ll never guess where!


Daily Covet: Bathrooms you’d love to live in

The bathroom in our basement is a hot mess.

Guests who see it for the first time always exclaim, “It must be so nice to have that big Whirlpool tub!”

First of all, we NEVER use it. It’s two floors away from our bedroom. Secondly, aren’t Whirlpool tubs kindof 80’s, like having an outdoor, free-standing jacuzzi in your back yard?

Moving on.  The tile, which covers much of the walls around the infamous Whirlpool tub, is a sortof pink-ish, beige-ish color with a sea green wash to some of the trim tile.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be Southwestern or Tuscan…

It’s a great-sized bathroom, but the space is wasted as it really functions as the “powder room” because there is no guestroom down there either.

The vanity is oak, and kountry with a “k.”  Think craft fairs and wooden shelves full of knickknacks and gimcracks.  Sock dolls and wooden hearts hanging on rope.  To add insult to injury, the pulls are brass.  Not cool brass – like flowery, also kountry brass.

Above the ugly vanity is a mirror that I put up because I had no other place for it.  That I like, but it does not match in any way, shape or form the “disco” sconces that hang on either side of it.  I can’t fully explain these enough, so I must include this picture…

Throw in scuffed up, pale vanilla walls and cream-colored toilet and countertops, and you’ve got yourself one fugly bathroom.

I think I’d prefer it look a little something like this… because if it did, you wouldn’t get me out of it!


Daily Covet: Living Room Makeover

I just said to my husband, literally less than 12 hours ago, that I wished I had 2 loveseats facing eachother, and a rectangle coffee table in my living room.

As it stands, my living room looks like this.  Pretty, but uninspiring and mostly filled with beautiful, inherited furniture I did not pick out myself.

But I’m thinking that since my living room is long and narrow like the one pictured here (ok, not as long and much more narrow),  I’d like it to look like this instead:

Living Room by Howard Bankston & Post; Image from Houzz.com

So now I’m on the hunt for the pieces that would help me recreate this look in my own home.  I’ll need 2 of these sofas from Restoration Hardware.

Laurent Salon Bench, Restoration Hardware $1270

A gaggle of beautiful throw pillows with a hint of turquoise, my favorite color….

Random Throw Pillows, shopping info on Polyvore.com

A distressed wood coffee table that I wouldn’t have to worry much about, and with the bottom shelf for my design and fashion books.

Trekker Coffee Table, Ethan Allen $999

An ottoman in matching Danish linen for extra seating and bonus! extra storage.

Castered Tufted Storage Ottoman, Ballard Designs $471

And of course, 2 beautiful bronze & crystal chandaliers for some much-needed overhead light.

6 Light Crystal Chandelier in Bronze, http://www.plumbersurplus.com $538

Unique Furnishings and Pops of Color

I love painted furniture in bright poppy hues and am always looking to add those statement making pieces to my own house.  While my bank account doesn’t include many of these items procured by designer Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz on GILT.com, I do like to virtually browse for ideas that better fit into my budget.  Here are some of my faves…

Junk in the trunk

I’m always looking for space savers and places to store all of the things I think we need, but probably don’t.  I was looking at trunks for the storage/coffee table purpose, and came across this upright trunk instead.

What a unique piece of furniture for virtually any room.  I’m in love with the fact that it marries mirrors and leather.  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen one quite like it.

Goog thing it’s so inexpensive…. sigh.

Daily Covet: Hob Knobbing

My bloggy friend Lauren, from Baylorsays.blogspot.com, has inspired me to reinvent a piece of furniture.  It’s this cute, little chest with clean lines and an almost Asian feel.

My mom found it somewhere, and we are going to clean and paint it, and put new knobs on it.  I’ve been looking around at knobs this morning, hence the title, and have found a few different options from Anthropologie that I just love!

I will post the “before” and “after” when I get around to actually working on the piece (it’s at mom’s still.)  But I’m very excited to see how my new little table is transformed.

Molten Spectrum Knob in Warm Speckles, anthropologie.com $8.00

Mercury Glass Melon Knob, anthropologie.com $8

Mother-of-Pearl Knob, anthropologie $14

Bubbled Glass Knob, anthropologie.com $8

Molten Spectrum Knob in Aqua Swirls, anthropologie.com $80


Daily Covet: Chests and Tables and Rugs, Oh My!

Joss & Main did this fabulous color story inspired by the hues of Mardi Gras, which by the way, is just days away!

And there are some fantastic pieces, especially for a girl that could use some shades of straw, yellow and gold in her living room.

Here are my top three covet-worthy pieces:

Hooker Sanctuary Chest, jossandmain.com $580

Henzler Lamp Table, jossandmain.com $200

Sphinx Ventura 8' x 10' Rug, jossandmain.com $470