Which Style Type Are You?

Momaha mugI ran across a fun Luckymag.com article about the new style types.

Are you a social media peacock? Perhaps your style leans more toward festival fiend or Mad Men extra.

Which one are you?

Read here to find out!

Mad Men Season 6 Returns!

Hi bloggy friends!  Just in time for my serious bout with spring fever, Mad Men is returning.

That means I won’t mind spending a few more cold, winter evenings curled up on my couch watching my all-time favorite show!

If you are a fan like me, this is stellar news.  (Season 5 was a long time in the making… my Mad heart couldn’t take that long of a break again!)  Sunday, April 7th is the date for the two-hour premier… gasp!

Here’s a cast teaser to get you in the mood!


[photo credit: amctv.com]

And for even more fun, create your own Mad Men “avatar” like I did!


Seeing RED overcoat & spotted dress

I’ve posted RED Valentino a few times on this blog, so it should be no surprise to you that I think this baby sister brand to Valentino is AB FAB.

I especially love this RED overcoat and red and white spotted dress.  Both pieces are amazingly feminine with adorable details that call to mind lots of the fashion I see and love on AMC’s Mad Men.

Mad Men Countdown – 7 Days!

We are officially one week from the two hour premier of Mad Men’s fifth season.  I am beyond excited and have houseparty.com to thank for my fabulous Mad Men party kit.  Party kit, you ask?  Why yes, and here’s what came inside….

Mad Men Party Pack courtesy of houseparty.com

  • MAD MEN-branded cocktail shaker
  • MAD MEN T-shirt
  • MAD MEN Season 4 finale dvd
  • MAD MEN music download card
  • MAD MEN instructional “Draping” card
  • MAD MEN  interoffice mail from series creator, Matthew Weiner
  • MAD MEN posters
  • MAD MEN character face masks
  • MAD MEN door hangers
  • MAD MEN plastic cups
  • MAD MEN beverage napkins

And here’s a look at most of the items…

Mad Men Countdown – 13 days

There’s nothing I like better than a sharp-dressed man.  And if he’s not in his favorite jeans and white t-shirt, then I prefer him in an impeccably tailored suit, crisp white shirt and the perfect tie.

Enter Don Draper.

Followed by Roger Sterling.


Mad Men Countdown – 17 days

Sorry, I was on hiatus from counting down.  Let me be clear though, I did not forget that the days are ticking by (amazingly slow) until the premiere airs on March 25th.

In fact, I just told my book club, while searching for a new day to meet, that I was unable to do Sunday nights because of Mad Men’s return.

With that said, here’s today’s favorite look inspired by the show’s real life ad campaign.  It’s the highly coveted, hotly-copied Joan Holloway dress… with curves in all the right places.

Mad Men Countdown – 19 days

Less than three weeks, bloggy friends, until the return of the best show on TV!

So tonight, I’ll feature the super hot stylings of John Hamm in a few of his more casual ensembles.

And although I am a HUGE fan of the well-dressed man in a tailored suit and white shirt, I gotta say that Don Draper in a sweater ain’t half bad either!

Mad Men Countdown – 20 days

Remember Betty Draper’s blue swing coat?  It was one of the episodes where she went off to meet Mr. Francis with a black satin ribbon in her hair.  It was the most amazing and royal shade of blue, and looked equally as amazing against her porcelain complexion.

Janie Bryant even put a similar piece in her own collection for QVC, so you too, can own this little piece of luxury.


Mad Men Countdown – 22 days

What’s better than tall, dark and handsome?  Right.  Tall, dark, handsome and in aviator shades.

I love, love, love guys in Aviators, and Don Draper’s military-issued Randolph Engineering aviator shades are PRI-TEE sexy, as far as I’m concerned.  Oh, and one more thing – you can have a pair with custom frames and lenses in your choice of colors and finishes for as little as $109. Yep, less than our favorite Ray Ban “Cockpit” Aviators….

Randolph Engineering Aviators, randolphusa.com $129

Mad Men Countdown – 24 days

Here we are 24 days from my favorite show’s return to the small screen.  I can’t wait to see what the writers, and more importantly Janie Bryant, have in store for us this season.

I can tell you one thing, the news that the premier would be two hours long almost had me in a frenzy!

But for today, we’ll have to reminisce about the amazing wardrobe featured in past seasons.  My second favorite outfit was from Betty’s stint at the stables. Check out her houndstooth hacking jacket and gorgeous knee high boots, both of which you could wear any given day this decade!

This coat is most likely a cashmere blend, and looks absolutely scrumptious to wear.