About Me

My name is Amy Grace, formerly Amy Kiger born in Omaha, NE and raised in Orange County, CA, long before it was the “OC.”  There were actually orange groves instead of the sea of little pink condos and big pink houses up for short sale.

I am married to Kelly Grace, who is not only adorable but also the funniest person I’ve ever met.  We’ve been laughing since 2001 and married since 2004.

My better half, Kelly


We have two beautiful sons.  Jackson James or “Jack” is our three-year-old and Grant Thomas is our ten-month-old.  They are an amazing part of our lives.

Jackson, 3 1/2 & Grant, 9 months

I am, most recently, a freelance writer and professional blogger.  I got my big break on www.momaha.com.  It’s a social networking site for women, specifically mothers or grandmothers in the Omaha area.  However, so much of the information applies to all mothers in the universe and some of it to just plain-old fabulous women, who don’t happen to be mothers.

Prior to that, I worked for an online brokerage and a large bank before moving on to a more creative profession in the product development realm.  Great job, bad boss.  More on that later…

Now I stay home with my beautiful boys and write as much as I can because I’ve found it’s actually something I like to do.  Especially, now that I don’t have an English professor telling me what to write about.

Little Black Sweats is hopefully, an obvious enough reference to the every woman’s LBD or Little Black Dress.  I don’t get many opportunities these days to wear an LBD… or anything else fun and stylish for that matter.  So I am putting my little black sweats to work for me.  They are my muse, so to speak and I will probably be wearing them most days that I update this blog – you can count on that!

I hope you’ll visit www.littleblacksweats.com often and comment when you feel you have something to share.



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