Daily Covet: Marley Lilly Plaid Tote

I swear Christmas comes earlier every year. Luckily, I’ve started my shopping a bit earlier this year so that I’m not totally over Christmas by the time the actual holiday rolls around.

I received an email from my friend and Mommy Wisdom owner with her holiday boutique shopping hours. Like a good friend and person in need of holiday gifts for what seems like 100 teachers, I put the dates in my calendar and perused the flyer.

The boutique flyer featured the most adorable tote bag with REAL LEATHER handles and accents for a very reasonable price. I instantly fell in love and requested the name of the vendor that sells them.

So today, this wool tote is on my “want list.” It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I can find for myself while shopping for others!

And if you are in need of personalized stationary, cute headbands for working out, monogrammed totes and much more, please see mommywisdom.net. There are some great gifts for just about everyone on your list!


Photo credit Marleylilly.com


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