Daily Covet: Lanvin, What else?

What, but Lanvin, could pull me out of my maternity funk?

After almost ten months of stretchy jersey, below the bump, swollen-ankle-hiding attire, Lanvin has restored my faith in the excitement of fashion again.

While it’s not bloody likely (my British contribution to the new heir) that any of these fabulous pieces will be mine-all-mine, at least my wannabe-couture sensibilities were not lost with my waistline.

Check out some of these gorgeous lines and fabrics that Lanvin has pulled out for Fall.

My favorite?  The delicious black asymmetrical jersey dress, no doubt!

Lanvin_-_Shoes_Flamingo Lanvin_-_Shoes_Flats Lanvin_Asym_Jersey_Dress Lanvin_Double_Carry_Handbag Lanvin_Floral-Print_Raincoat Lanvin_Flounce-Skirted_Striped_Dress Lanvin_Jeweled_Satin_Clutch_Bag Lanvin_Mai_Tai_Clutch Lanvin_Ruched_Silk_Gown Lanvin_Sea_Breeze_Minaudiere Lanvin_Shoes_Fall Lanvin_Strapless_Jacquard_Dress Lanvin_Trilogy_Calfskin_Tote Lanvin_Wrap-Scarf_Blouse

2 thoughts on “Daily Covet: Lanvin, What else?

  1. Lanvin has such beautiful stuff! I saw you were from Omaha and was wondering if you were interested in being part of a Omaha bloggers meetup group I’m starting. I just moved to the area and want to connect with some of the awesome bloggers in this area!

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