Swim in Spanx too?

Yep.  Spanx has swimwear… could 3 dearer words be spoken?

Not, if you are like my mommy friends and I, who are still at odds with the fact that our pre-baby bodies are never coming back.

While some of my friends look just as good, they will tell you that things just didn’t bounce back.  Their boobs aren’t as full, their tummies aren’t as tight (despite the dieting and zillion crunches) and that their hips will forever be wider.

In reality, it’s a small price to pay for our beautiful children… but isn’t it nice to know that Spanx, every woman’s not-so-secret weapon, has our backsides so to speak, when it comes to swimwear too.

Spanx swimwear can not only be a tool, but it can also be deeply discounted.  Take a look at some great options from Zulily.com today.

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