Daily Covet: Ask and ye shall receive… Bluetooth

Before I got sidetracked with my latest personal shopping assignment, I was surfing the Internet for Bluetooth (read wireless) earphones for syncing with my iPhone.  For years, I have been running with annoying “wired” earphones that hurt my ears from the get-go, fall out when I start getting sweaty or  both.  I once asked my husband if he had any at work, and he didn’t think that he did.

So today, I did a quick search for the top-rated wireless earphones and these Plantronics ones showed up on several lists.  My husband’s company does mostly B to B selling, but they do have a website with retail prices, as well.  So I emailed him and asked him if he had these earphones in stock.  Turns out, his logistics manager actually had a pair given to her as a sample… and she sent them home with him!

I can’t tell you how much less emcumbered my 3 mile run (read trot) was tonight.  Ask and ye shall receive.

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