The perfect white jean

White jeans and pants can be hard to wear.  This morning, I tried on the most fabulous white capri jeans on a whim.  I already have some cute, white jeans and decided I didn’t need another pair, but these are truly perfect… why?  So glad you asked!

Fabric.  You want the fabric to be light enough for spring/summer wear, but heavy enough that you don’t see every  little freckle (or dimple, in my case!) on your backside.  These Mossimo jeans are just the perfect weight.

Sizing.  I always suggest going up a size when it comes to white pants.  These run true to size, and don’t seem to warrant a jump.  That, in and of itself is a major win, right?  They also have a nice rise for those of us, who are out of the low rise phase of our lives…

Stretch.  And for those days when your true size isn’t quite your true size, there is a nice bit of stretch that will give you a little extra room after a second helping of chocolate cake.  The stretch helps these cute jeans keep their shape too.

Price.  They are $24.99.  Hey, I’m all for designer jeans.  I will usually spend a pretty penny on nice jeans that are a staple in this mom’s wardrobe.  However, white jeans don’t have a very long season here in the midwest, and for that reason alone, these are a much smarter buy.

The bonus.  They fit like designer jeans.

So there you have it.

The downside?  They are sold out online.  Pick them up in your local Target store though, and I assure you, you will fall madly in love with them instantly!

4 thoughts on “The perfect white jean

    • My secret is Oxy Clean, the powder. Soak all your whites over night in a healthy scoop or two of this. Everything will look white, all the time! Even baby clothes with spit-up, which is how I discovered the “power of Oxy.”

  1. I LOVE white jeans. Even when I was heavier (not anymore, woo-hoo!!!) they still just looked so crisp and put-together. My favorites are by Jag, which I think is sold at Nordstrom (I got mine from the late, lamented–they are thick enough to avoid VPL and have just the right amount of stretch. And they look FABULOUS with bright purple espadrilles.

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