Pour La Victoire on Sale

Remember that post I did about how surprisingly comfortable Pour La Victoire shoes are.  (If not, see here.)

Nonetheless, GILT.com has some really great styles in pumps, sandlas, flats and more on sale today for almost 1/2 off retail.

Here are some of the adorable options you’ll find…

Licia Ballet Flat, $89 Gilt

Jacyln Espadrille Wedge Sandal, $149 Gilt

Abigail Sandal, $149 Gilt

Maressa Sandal, $99 Gilt

Gitta Platform Sandal, $139 Gilt

Jessie Wedge Sandal, $149 Gilt

Jacyln Espadrille Wedge Sandal, $149 Gilt

Hiro Sandal, $125 Gilt

Helice Sandal, $119 Gilt

Ivette Pony Pump, $139 Gilt

Sabine Flat Thong Sandal, $109 Gilt

Daily Covet: Snake in the Pants

Printed pants and jeans are all the rage right now.  And here are another pair of to-die-for pants in a cool and easy-to-wear neutral snake print.

I love the flat front and slim cut.  Wearing them with heels will create a long line, something we all love and most of us need.  My favorite is the chic black trim along the pockets.  It’s almost like there’s a  splash of tuxedo pant thrown in.

And they are reasonably priced too at £32 ($42)!

Neutral snake print capri, dorothyperkins.com £32.00

Out-of-closet redesign for shoes

I’m out of closet space.

My old home has very small closets, definitely not built for a clothes horse like me.

There are two small closets in the master bedroom, one for each my husband and me.  And one in the guest room, which I have taken over, as well.  I keep special occasion items in there usually, and sometimes blazers or jackets that are a little more bulky.

I have been swapping out my shoes for six years now.  Putting the decidely fall/winter ones away in the spring, and the spring/summer ones away in the fall.  It’s a big pain, and sometimes they overlap.  Since I am a bit of a collector of shoes, I often forget great shoes that aren’t right in front of me.

So, I’ve been hunting for ways to store shoes within reach all year long.  And these are some of the great ideas other people have had.

Until I find a piece of furniture that looks like this last pic, maybe I’ll just use one side of the crib I just took apart instead!  What d’ya think?

Daily Covet: Tops, tops and more tops

A lack of tops in my closet make it impossible to get dressed some days.

It’s so much easier to pick my favorite pair of jeans or flowy linen pants than it is to find a topper.

So this morning I found a gaggle of blouses and tops at LOFT.com that are budget-friendly enough to stock up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Daily Covet: Current/Elliott Printed Denim

I love printed denim, and these Current/Elliott jeans are so printed and so denim.  And yellow is almost neutral, which means you can wear them with anything.

And you’d have to at $218 a pop… for not blue jeans.  Well, anyway, they are still cute and I still want them.

And don’t even get me started on that Hermès watch…

Mad Men Countdown – 7 Days!

We are officially one week from the two hour premier of Mad Men’s fifth season.  I am beyond excited and have houseparty.com to thank for my fabulous Mad Men party kit.  Party kit, you ask?  Why yes, and here’s what came inside….

Mad Men Party Pack courtesy of houseparty.com

  • MAD MEN-branded cocktail shaker
  • MAD MEN T-shirt
  • MAD MEN Season 4 finale dvd
  • MAD MEN music download card
  • MAD MEN instructional “Draping” card
  • MAD MEN  interoffice mail from series creator, Matthew Weiner
  • MAD MEN posters
  • MAD MEN character face masks
  • MAD MEN door hangers
  • MAD MEN plastic cups
  • MAD MEN beverage napkins

And here’s a look at most of the items…

There is some phlox in my box

Scarlet flame creeping phlox is no Dr. Suess creation, but it sounds like it, right?  Since summer has hit, long before the official arrival of spring here in Middle America, everyone in town has taken to planting their gardens, flower gardens and flower boxes.

And while I don’t have the greenest thumb on earth, I do attempt to put some pretties in my yard every year.  Most years, we end up buying a heck of a lot of mulch that we have to rake up in the fall and spring and throw away – strictly because the pieces are too hard to pick out of the rake one by one.

This year, my neighbor mentioned that she is trying to plant lots of ground cover in an attempt to purchase (and waste) less mulch.  So I followed suit.  I bought a couple of these scarlet flame creeping phlox starters and am going to see how fast they grow.  Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t plan ahead on where I would use them, and I am actually short one…. back to Lowe’s.

Scarlet Flame Creeping Flox

Next, I picke some purple and white pansies because I thought they would look really cool with the daffodils that are already coming.  It already looks more colorful around here.  But I can’t tell you how many flower beds and boxes we have to deal with – so this really is just the beginning… stay tuned.

Pansies & Daffodils, also the remains of early blooming Crocus.