There is some phlox in my box

Scarlet flame creeping phlox is no Dr. Suess creation, but it sounds like it, right?  Since summer has hit, long before the official arrival of spring here in Middle America, everyone in town has taken to planting their gardens, flower gardens and flower boxes.

And while I don’t have the greenest thumb on earth, I do attempt to put some pretties in my yard every year.  Most years, we end up buying a heck of a lot of mulch that we have to rake up in the fall and spring and throw away – strictly because the pieces are too hard to pick out of the rake one by one.

This year, my neighbor mentioned that she is trying to plant lots of ground cover in an attempt to purchase (and waste) less mulch.  So I followed suit.  I bought a couple of these scarlet flame creeping phlox starters and am going to see how fast they grow.  Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t plan ahead on where I would use them, and I am actually short one…. back to Lowe’s.

Scarlet Flame Creeping Flox

Next, I picke some purple and white pansies because I thought they would look really cool with the daffodils that are already coming.  It already looks more colorful around here.  But I can’t tell you how many flower beds and boxes we have to deal with – so this really is just the beginning… stay tuned.

Pansies & Daffodils, also the remains of early blooming Crocus.

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