Mad Men Countdown – 7 Days!

We are officially one week from the two hour premier of Mad Men’s fifth season.  I am beyond excited and have to thank for my fabulous Mad Men party kit.  Party kit, you ask?  Why yes, and here’s what came inside….

Mad Men Party Pack courtesy of

  • MAD MEN-branded cocktail shaker
  • MAD MEN T-shirt
  • MAD MEN Season 4 finale dvd
  • MAD MEN music download card
  • MAD MEN instructional “Draping” card
  • MAD MEN  interoffice mail from series creator, Matthew Weiner
  • MAD MEN posters
  • MAD MEN character face masks
  • MAD MEN door hangers
  • MAD MEN plastic cups
  • MAD MEN beverage napkins

And here’s a look at most of the items…

One thought on “Mad Men Countdown – 7 Days!

  1. You seem like a huge Mad Men fan, haha, What do you think of the Mad Men collection by Banana Republic? It was designed in collaboration with the costume designer for Mad Men, Janie Bryant!

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