Daily Covet: 10 Items I wish Crewcuts made for J. Crew women

I just received a couple of catalogs from one of my favorite stores, J. Crew.  I’m sure you’ve guessed this by now, as I feature them frequently.

But one thing bums me out.  There are some really cute things in the Crewcuts catalog (children’s line for those of you not from this planet) that I would love to have in regular women’s sizes.

In fact, there are 10 things off-hand that I would kill to own (well, maybe mame) in my own size.  And they are as follows:

Girls' jaspé zip cardigan, jcrew.com $55

Girls' pep squad skirt in stripe $40

Girls' patch-pocket skort, jcrew.com $45

Girls' side-zip café capri in apple bobbing, jcrew.com $68

Girls' pretty kitty cardigan, jcrew.com $70

Girls' heathered tumble skirt, jcrew.com $44

Girls' wafer terry colorblock dress, jcrew.com $50

Girls' chino ruffle jacket, jcrew.com $70

Girls' Mila engineer-stripe ballet flats, jcrew.com $55

Girls' mini-ruffle dress in ikat, jcrew.com $72

7 thoughts on “Daily Covet: 10 Items I wish Crewcuts made for J. Crew women

  1. hahahaha LOVE this! I totally think the same thing when I go into the store and depending on your size and shape you can find a few things in there. Favorite? Jewelry and hair ties! Fraction of the price.

  2. Yes, Alyson, I forgot to add that fact into the blog, but the prices are much more enticing on the kiddos clothes! Sadly, I don’t have a Crewcuts store in town… in fact, our J. Crew is like a dressing room, which I can only visit without my stroller!

  3. Lady, get out of my head. I sat outside yesterday while my child dug in the dirt and perused the Crewcuts and Brooks Brothers kids catalogs and almost fainted with desire for little people clothes. Course I’d also like to be a little person, but beyond that they have the CUTEST stuff for the kiddos this spring. Don’t even get me going on Mini Boden. Jealousy.

  4. Actually, they do make the apple print pants for women. Saw it at a clearance/sample store in size 0 only. I heard they are at the concept stores too. Also apple print shirts and cardigans.

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