Sequin Gown for a Song

So the 2nd Annual Mom Prom is coming up on Saturday, March 3rd to benefit Ted E. Bear Hollow, a grief support organization for children.

And of course, I left the dress finding to virtually the last possible weekend.  There was a chic boutique on Saturday, where donated dresses are sold for $25 with all the proceeds going to the Open Door Mission’s Lydia House.

After scouring many racks in my size (or range of sizes, as the case actually is!), I loaded myself up with 5 try-on worthy dresses.  And then I stood in line for possibly 30, maybe more, minutes to jump into a makeshift dressing room.

The women patrolling the dressing rooms were counting garments at the front of the line, and gasped when they saw one of my formals still had price tags on it… $290 for the record.

They fought over who would get to buy it, if it didn’t fit me and ordered me to come out and show them when I had it on.  It was the first dress I put on, and it felt like it was specially made for me… this doesn’t happen often, bloggy friends.

The vote was unanimous, and after trying on several other dresses – 2 too big, 2 too small – this was to be my dress.

I guess I am going to this weekend’s Mom Prom glamorous and not tacky, as previously planned.

I’d show you a picture of the actual dress but my mom is taking the hem up (by hand – God love her!) about a foot this week.  So this is the closest dress I could find.  Mine is exactly the same, but with spaghetti-style instead of tank-style straps.

My $25 dress by Ralph Lauren, $270

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