Gifts from the 99%

If you aren’t in the 1% these days, and need budget-friendly gifts for your loved ones…  then here are a few fun and unique gifts that won’t break the bank.

Lilly Pulizter First Call thermal mug, $6.95

What girly-girl couldn’t use an adorable thermal mug for her coffee. Help her kick off Spring with the poppiest hues from Lilly Pulitzer.

Jonathan Adler Moroccan Grill Agenda, $7.95

Keep someone special up to date and on time with this fresh and cool agenda from Jonathan Adler – a personal favorite since I love anything blue!

Catstudio Paris Satin Pillow, $50

Paris is calling… it calls me every day… and now you can answer with adorable silk pillows.  The recipient will have no problem showing off one of their favorite destinations with these bold silk pillows.

Thomas Paul Luddite Laptop Sleeve, jossandmain $60

And who isn’t toting a laptop everywhere they go?  I know I often take mine on trips or to work outside the home.  Why not gift this ironic laptop sleeve, complete with tyewriter sketch?

Areaware Twice Twice Clock, $170

So this is a little pricier, but it’s simplicity means it’ll be money well spent, because it will be a “timeless piece”… did you catch that pun?  And I do so love orange!


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