Daily Covet: The suede sandal with it all!

Are these shoes peep toes?  Lace-ups?  Sandals?  Pumps?  Or D: All of the above?

Remember the days – like 2 years ago – when the rule of thumb was that you were supposed to match from the hemline down?

Well, not so anymore.

The new rule of thumb is that natural colored shoes, like these suede, lace-up, peep toes from Kate Spade can and should go with anything.

Yep, even black.  What’s cooler than a black dress with natural pumps?  Right.  Nothing.  Especially when you notice how long it makes your legs look (do you see a theme here with me?) to have your skin and your shoe create a monochromatic line of pure sexy.

And true to my quest for comfy shoes – the heel isn’t quite kitten, but at 3.5″ and the lace-up feature for an even snugger and more supportive fit, you’ll be able to walk a mile in your own shoes!

Kate Spade Cybil Sandals, gilt.com $189


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