Finally, Function Meets Form in Sandals

Finally, sandals that are comfortable AND beautiful!

Here I am on the tail end of my 30’s (cough, cough) and it’s been eight whole years since I have daily, worn fabulous 4″ heels to work, while trotting around San Francisco’s financial district.

Where has the time gone?  And more importantly, where has my ability to wear beautiful shoes with leg-lengthening heels for extended periods of time gone?  I guess the old adage “use it, or lose it” applies rather well in this case.

So today, when I was lured in by an email from to check out their sandal collection, I couldn’t resist.  Much to my surprise, brands like Sofft and Kork-Ease actually make really fashion-forward shoes these days!

Here are some of my picks:

Kork-Ease Sarah Regular Price, $165

YOU by Crocs Thrilita, $130

Indigo by Clarks Luna Comet, piperlime $110

Sofft Palaiseau, $115



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