Daily Covet: Shoe & J.Crew Review

Let me first warn you that I am on a little bit of a rampage today.  And those close to me know that this generally means, I am occasionally handing out my unsolicited opinions, in a not-so-subtle way… ok maybe more than occasionally.

First, I’m going to start out with the positive.  I ordered my first pair of Pour La Victoire platform pumps.  I always love the look of platform pumps in ads or on celebs, but feel a little “pole dancer-y” in them myself.  But trust me when I tell you that I need the height, and these Irina II pumps are sky high, which generally means you have to be “high” to wear them!

Pour La Victoire Irina II pumps, lastcall.com Sale $175

But I am here to tell you that these are amazingly comfortable.  The insole of the shoe is padded and the 5″ heel is offset by a nice 1.5″ platform.  The toe is rounded, which means that your toes have plenty of room.  The upper provides a snug fit, which is obviously important when you are walking around on your tip toes for extended periods of time.  And since they are so high, they make your legs look fabulous as any good platform pump should.

While these are not a particularly cheap pair of shoes, they aren’t in the out-of-reach Louboutin segment of the shoe population either.  And wait for a good sale at lastcall.com (read almost daily) and you can pick these up for a song.

Next up, I’ve got a bone to pick.

Dear J.Crew,

Ummm, did I not get the memo?  Did you not let everyone know that there are, in fact, some pretty pricey wool pants that you just decided not to line?  First of all the aforementioned pants which I was over the moon to order, and to receive yesterday, fit great.  But they are an extremely soft and lightweight wool, almost cashmerily so, but have NO LINING!  WTF?!  You can see the pockets, front and back throught the fabric.

If you missed the original post, they are also a FINAL SALE, or I would be putting them back in the mail with an angry note.  But since I have committed to loving and keeping them no matter what, I will have to spend even more money at my fabulous tailor’s place of business to possibly have a custom lining made…

Please say “yes”, Sen!

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