Daily Covet: Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

Plain and simple.

My favorites are from 4th Street in Berkeley, near where I used to work.  A little place called Tacubaya was my home away from home every day at about 2pm.  Even when I was pregnant with my first son, I went at least 3 days per week (against convential wisdom) to eat red snapper fish tacos, with shredded cabbage, special sauce, a slice of lime and pretty much an entire bottle of Cholula, which was added by me.

We live approximately 1700 miles away from Berkeley now – 1700 miles from Tacubaya more to the point.  I have yet to find the same amazing tacos in Middle America.

I’ll keep trying while I wish for my daily run to 4th St.  And if anyone knows where to get good fish tacos in this town, hook me up toute suite!


4 thoughts on “Daily Covet: Fish Tacos

  1. I grew up in Berkeley area. Yes, nothing like the restaurants in the bay area & living far from there, yet not in the mid west wishing you best of luck with this one. Maybe finding your own recipe to create something similar to what they tasted like. I have tried a few recipes.If i find an over the top one I promise to share. Love Fish Tacos. 😉
    added you to my twitter, follow back if you like!

    • Thanks Theresa, so glad you found me and I, you! I must confess that my favorite thing to make for dinner is – reservations. I can follow a recipe, but I just don’t enjoy cooking (don’t tell anyone!) 😉 I followed you back on Twitter, and will be sure to keep up on your blog.
      P.S. I also miss Jupiter’s Albacore Tuna Sandwich!

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