Time to change gears!

If you recall, last year we had a very cool “Mad Men” inspired dinner party with our close group of friends (read here.)  This year, our idea was to go “Great Gatsby” style, but after hectic holidays for 6 couples, who have a gaggle of small children between us, we’ve decided to put off the “costume” portion of our annual New Year’s dinner party, and just go dressed up instead.

Gone are the hours I have scoured eBay for my drop-waist, beaded, deco dress with matching hat.  Gone are the planned trips to my city’s most awesome vintage stores.  Gone are my plans to get my hair done in finger waves.  All for another day, I suppose.

"Great Gatsby" with Robert Redford & Mia Farrow

But I did get some good news!  My husband’s post-holiday party is cocktail attire this year.  This makes this mom, normally in black yoga pants every day, very happy.  Another reason to shop, of course!  And, as usual, I already have visions of the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry in my head…

“To Do List” reads, “Must learn to sew!”

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