Post-Work Christmas Party

Whelp, I spent some time on today.  And so that I could live vicariously through people, who wear clothes that don’t always include elastic, puffer vests and layering tees, I put together some holiday-worthy ensembles for other people. (sadly, Polyvore’s “Post to WordPress” doesn’t make it easy to add text, so I’m doing it separately and you’ll have to scroll!)
This particular outfit is for one of those Friday afternoons, when your office turns into the makeshift venue for a holiday soiree à la Bridget Jones’ Diary.  Or maybe you and your coworkers are going to hit up the bar around the corner from your high rise office à la Ally McBeal.
With the jacket, it’s business up top.  But lose it after 5 (or 4), and your party from head to toe without showing off too much skin, and ending up with the office Daniel Cleaver by night’s end.

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