Daily Covet: I’m a country girl

I didn’t mean cowboy boots and a long Southern drawl country girl.  I meant more of the French-country persuasion.

So I had no minutes to kill after I quit copywriting and before I should’ve been in bed, so I started looking for property for sale in France.  Because isn’t that what every girl with college loans and car payments and two young kids to raise does?

Anyway, I stumbled across this amazing property – a Logis – if you will, which means “home.”  A home I would like to have, I might add.

Logis in Poitou-Charentes


I have visions of warm, summer nights spent in my French country home, dining al fresco (ok, so that’s Italian) with mismatched chairs and mismatched linens.  And also under the stars and the white twinkle lights I’ve strung across the courtyard….

Rustic outdoor dining in my french country home...

But sadly at €530,000 ($709,000), and on this stay-at-home-mom’s limited budget, I may have to settle for an old French farm table, and call myself les sans-logis… or “homeless.”  At least in the French-country persuasion.



One thought on “Daily Covet: I’m a country girl

  1. dropping in from a blog hop. love the chateau, but like you dreaming of that life. off to check out your other posts. i hope you get a chance to drop by.
    have a great weekend. PS when I first started my site I used this template & loved it.

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