Daily Covet: Silk & Soaring Window Treatments

Back in the day of Domino Magazine (0f which I am still mourning the loss), and around the same time we bought our little English Tudor, I fell in love with these drapes.  So much so that I had to pull out the page, and add it to the “house file” that I have yet to create 5.5 years later.

And now, when decorating for Christmas is underway, I feel the need to have soaring blue drapes.

I would hang them way up high, to make my already high ceilings soar even more.  And the voluminous and rich silk would fall into puddles on my wood floors.  Wood floors that are too light and need to be refinished darker, I might add.  But a covet for another day….

Drapes are like hair for your window.  Although my windows have beautiful plantation shutters.  I feel like they need their “hair” done, especially when I’m trying to make my fairly long and narrow living room feel cozy.

from former Lucky Magazine, I think...

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