Daily Covet: The Sofa Of All Sofas

Littleblacksweats.com has most always been about things I really, really want.  Some of them I buy, get as gifts or give as gifts, but others are simply not in my stay-at-home mom budget.

If you’ve read this blog, you know that I have a serious love for decorating and redecorating my house.  A lot of my furniture was inherited (read FREE), so I have had to decorate around it.  This is all well and good because it’s beautiful stuff, but it’s not always exactly what I’d pick out myself.

So cue this sofa.  This beautiful, pale blue sofa.  This like-butter leather sofa.

Old Hickory Tannery "Raza Pressley" Sofa, Horchow.com $3,999

At first glance, my coveting reached an all new level.  My mind was screaming out, “Must have sofa!”

And then I saw that this very sofa was on sale.  For 20% off!  Oh joy, maybe there’s hope that I could talk my husband into it!  Wear him down.  Show him how much we needed it in our  living room AND our lives.  So I clicked the sofa, soon-to-be my new sofa, and BAM! it hit me.  The price before the sale was $4000.  After… $3200.

The down came out of my throw pillows, so to speak.  I would have to save.  “SAVE?”  I’m not familiar with the concept.

But I have decided that after the holidays, I will be putting a little away each month for my beautiful sofa.  And that sofa, will someday be mine.


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