Daily Covet: SPF. Snow protection factor.

I had a chat with a friend a few weeks ago about the right time to get our kids on the slopes.  My husband and I used to ski when we were young and single or married with no kids, but we’ve been almost never since our two little sweethearts arrived.  My oldest just turned five and is probably ready for ski school.

But I am still a mother after all, and experience a wave of sheer panic at the thought of my first-born screaming down a well-groomed run without enough protection…that is to say – full body armour!  So when I ran across these adorable his and hers winter sport helmets, I was intrigued.

Pink and black for girls, black and blue for boys (is that foreshadowing?) and a cool skull graphic for the daredevil in any kid.  I love ’em but would prefer my kids wear them to build snowmen instead!

Black & Pink Skull Winter Sport Helmet. zulily.com $28.99

Black Skull Fleece-Lined Winter Sport Helmet, zulily.com $32.99

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