Daily Covet: Oh say can you se-quin?

Tory Burch sequins dress, toryburch.com $895

I know, I know, you’re probably saying, “Really?  Another dress?”  And yes, another dress.  It’s my blog after all.

But you know I love dresses and the reason why is because they usually fit me.  I live in skirts and dresses all summer long and will probably do the same for winter.  Now I realize this hot, little Tory Burch number is not everyday appropriate (unless you are a showgirl!), but it is something that would take you through the holidays and really through the rest of your life.  When haven’t sequins been in, right?

Let’s talk about the price tag.  I think Tory Burch might be a bit presumptuous by putting that stiff of a price tag on a dress that you can find anywhere else for about a quarter of the price, but alas she’s running a successful brand that I am “coveting.”  So what do I know?

There was a great alternative at Zara and it had a low back, but they seem to be out of stock and therefore, no longer on the site.  However, here are Michael Kors and Jessica Simpson versions for $150 or less!

Michael Kors dress, macys.com $150

Jessica Simpson sequin dress, macys.com$104


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