#thesickofstrugglingmiddleclass Lend me your eyes!

I am so fired up right now… I can hardly stop to type this post.  The government debacle that continues to rage on… and on… and on… has so many up in arms.

My neighbor and friend (just kidding – it just sounded good), Warren Buffet, wrote an amazing (and for some with their head in the sand, an enlightening) piece for the NYT Op-Ed column today (see here.)  It states what one would think is the obvious, yet the practice is widespread.

STOP CODDLING THE RICH!  Guess what?  He got the 4-1-1 from his friends too – they’ll pay their fair share!  Seriously, he asked.

It seems straight-forward enough, right?  Mr. Buffett breaks it down for us, quite eloquently.  In a nutshell, he pays 15% on his bazillions and very little in payroll tax, while you and I, “the middle class” (and I use this term loosely) pay 15-25% plus pretty heavy payroll taxes.

Ok, ok – so I’m posting because I wanted to get the Op-Ed out.  Here is probably the single most successful man (taking into account, the number of years he’s been wealthy – sorry the rest of the guys on the top of that list!) and he’s telling us that we need to tax the top 2%!

It’s not like anyone is asking them to shoulder the burden of the country’s problems (and there are MANY, no matter which side of the political spectrum you reside on.)  But is it so much to ask that they pay what every other American family has to pay?  Apparently, the mega-rich think it’s a reasonable request.

Ok, any more typing and I’m bound to have a mild coronary.  Please read the link and pass it on – I would but I just blogged on MOmaha.com about how it’s rude to send political and religious emails.  So I will passive-aggressively post it here and on my Facebook page.

Oh yeah, on Twitter too.

3 thoughts on “#thesickofstrugglingmiddleclass Lend me your eyes!

  1. Appreciated your piece today on momaha (8-19) and this post as well. I am a transplant to Omaha and hear so much of the voice you describe in your piece today on momaha (ie, those who loudly proclaim a certain opinion, but are only seeking sources that confirm their own bias, who have some strange prejudice against educated experts, etc.) and it is lovely to know, through your posts, that I am not alone in my opinions and viewpoint here in the “heartland”! – Kelly

    • Kelly, a belated welcome to Omaha! And thank you for reading and commenting. I hope that more people feel the way that I do (we do) and are just not as loud. Hopefully, their voices will be heard at the polls instead.

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