Daily Covet: Who wears the pants?

For years, I have been searching for the perfect pair of pants.  I want some linen pants that are tailored at the top with non-seam side pockets, a button and a zipper.  While I adore the ones that cinch up with a drawstring at the top, my lack of a waist makes them look more like a potato sack on me.

I also want them to be full length pants, not capris.  I want the legs to be full and flowy and slightly long so I can wear high-heeled wedge sandals but also to be short enough that I can still wear them with flip flops.

Next, I want them to be khaki in color, preferably but would also settle for a neutral of some sort or even black.

Lastly, I want them yesterday.

And there is NO picture because I have not laid eyes on them yet… anywhere on earth, anyway.

If you have seen some or come across some – run, don’t walk to your computer or smartphone and tell me where to find them.

I will reward you in my will.

One thought on “Daily Covet: Who wears the pants?

  1. I was going to paste a link but figured it go into spam: Anthropologie, Easy Navigation Wide-Legs linen pants. Comes in grey, black and “yellow” (looks like tan to me). And reasonably priced!

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