Daily Covet: Mad about Scout

We’re headed to Disney World and that means mornings in the parks for the kiddos and a little pool time in the afternoons!

As anyone with small children knows, a trip to the pool means towels, snacks, loads of sunscreen, snacks, sun hats, floatees, more snacks and a book that you won’t actually get to read.  With that said, you’d need a pretty sizable bag for all your gear and that bag had better be water resistant with plenty of pockets.

That’s why I love this Scout Pocket Rocket tote specifically marketed for beach and pool.  It has 6 outer pockets, great for holding sunscreen bottles, bottled water or your secret stash of Margaritas upright.  You can also slip in a pair of flip flops or in my case, two pairs of tiny Crocs that can be easily located when it’s time to pack up.  The Pocket Rocket is also water resistant and can be wiped right off should something spill.  Two sets of handles, shoulder and tote, make it even more convenient and it comes in 7 adorable patterns.

What’s not to love?!

Pocket Rocket Multi-Pocketed Scout Tote, bungalowco.com $42

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