Daily Covet: Prom Revisited

Momaha.com, the website I blog for every Friday, is co-sponsoring Omaha’s first ever “Mom Prom” next Friday night.

This means I either need to starve myself into my senior prom dress, which I do still have, or find some other early 90’s-esque formal at a consignment store or goodwill to wear that night.  The latter is the likeliest option.

However, it got me thinking about what I would wear if I was picking out my prom dress today.  So I hit up NeimanMarcus.com and found this stunningly sophisticated scarlet gown.

While it may have been a bit “mature” for me when I was 17, I think I could absolutely rock it these days!

Aidan Mattox Beaded-Neck Flowy Gown, Neiman Marcus $440.00

2 thoughts on “Daily Covet: Prom Revisited

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Mom Prom! I love the dress you picked out! I still can’t decide on one either. It’s like high school all over again. Just add a number 1 in front of the size I was in high school! 🙂

    • I hear ya, sister! And I’m trying to decide if I’ll go “vintage”, 90’s retro or modern but I don’t want to invest too much in my 37-year-old prom dress. 😉

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