Car buying: the post that sparked a revolution

Friday, I wrote what I thought was a light-hearted post (here) about the dreaded process of buying a new car.  Unfortunately, a local reader, who’s family happens to be in the car business, got wind and sent a firm but polite comment about me “stereotyping” her family.  I also defended myself politely and many of my readers agreed that they too, “loathe” the process of buying a car.

If that were the end of it, I wouldn’t be putting my thoughts down today.

Throughout the weekend, it seems every member of her family quickly jumped on the band wagon to insult me, women in general and of course, to plug their own businesses.  One reader/commenter was downright offensive and his comment was ill-written and misspelled on top of it.  Another reader/car salesperson also had to chime in and said, “Amy, I don’t appreciate your comments and would to know where you came up with that ranking statistics.”

Ranking statistics?  I’m positive that I didn’t rank or quote any statistics in my post, which means the person (who obviously couldn’t put together a coherent sentence) probably didn’t read it anyway.

This got me thinking about “media” and messages and how quickly the message can be misinterpreted, manipulated and inaccurately perpetuated.  While I welcome comments that challenge my ideas (you’ll see there are plenty throughout my tenure with, I don’t appreciate people with no sense, rattling off inaccuracies and insults.

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