Daily Covet: Paris in the Springtime

My husband and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary this spring.   Unfortunately, the last two years have not been the most romantic anniversaries we’ve ever had.  Two years ago, I was laying in a hospital room hopped up on pain killers and magnesium, trying to stop our littlest guy from coming nine weeks early.  It didn’t work.

Last year, we had a big celebration to mark said little guy’s first birthday, a major milestone for a 3+ pound baby born on June 3rd, missing our sixth anniversary by one hour and 11 minutes.

So, I’m planning something this year.  If I had my way, we’d be spending a few days in Paris at the Hotel François 1er, near the Champs-Elysées.  I’d really like to get away (who wouldn’t?) for the entire week but it’s not likely in the cards for us… I’ll virtually plan it anyway!

Hotel Francois 1er, Paris

Hotel Francois 1er, Paris

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