Daily Covet: The unattainable “Night out with the girls” frock

Milly May Combo Dress, Saksfifthavenue.com $225

I have a date with my best girls on March 5th.  We are going to see Mama Mia at our local beautiful theater and I need something very transitional for the occasion.

The midwest can offer up late winter days near 70 degrees or a flash in the pan snow storm.  I figured this little black dress on top with a hint of a pink party skirt on the bottom, would be perfect for the occasion.

I even went so far as to order the dress at Neiman Marcus online.  The last one they had (supposedly) was my size!

Shortly after placing my order, I was informed that it was cancelled due to the dress being sold out. Devastating to have built my hopes up in those few minutes I spent checking out, just to have them dashed with an impersonal email.

I guess I’ll have to find some old frock in my own closet… or set my sights on something else truly fabulous!


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