Daily Covet: A girl can dream

I hate my bed, I hate my bed not.  My current bed is a beautiful dark wood, four poster.  I love the way it looks but there are several issues, namely the mattress.  It’s hard and lumpy.  I wake up with sore hips, shoulders and neck – which ultimately leads me to a migraine some days.  My room also has windows on two sides and a chandelier that gets in the way of the end posts.

Some time ago and somewhere (I can’t even remember where), I picked up a furniture brochure for Roche Bobois studio.  I absolutely fell in love with a bed I saw and after reading the model name (Trianon bed), it occurred to me why.  Of course, it’s French!  The Trianons, both large and “petite” are located in Versailles.  The latter was Marie Antoinette’s personal quarters and both housed the most beautiful furniture.

It’s no surprise to me that I love the soft, fluid lines of this bed and the elegant subtlety.  Unfortunately, this is a “price upon request” line that I most assuredly cannot afford.  And if I’m being so bold as to put it on my blog, I might add that I’d also love a Temper-Cloud Luxe mattress for the low price of $3500 to actually lay my head on.

A girl can dream, right?  And rather well, in this bed, I would think.

Trianon Bed, Roche Bobois studio, price upon request


My paying gig on MOmaha.com: Who has time for TV?

How can I possibly keep up?  I miss the days when I would rush to work to discuss last night’s great episode of… whatever!  But these days, I’m too tired to watch even “The Office” in syndication.  Read more here.

Daily Covet: This Jacket Required!

"luma" black 2fer sequin zip jacket, ideeli.com $69

I have an event this weekend.  I have shopped my own closet, my friend’s closet and several of my favorite stores for all the right pieces.   All I am missing is a black jacket to complete my “almost finished” ensemble.

Of course, ideeli.com wouldn’t let me down.  They have exactly what I am looking for although true to my usual luck and fortune, it would not be here in time for Saturday’s post-holiday party.

However, I did have to put it up on my Daily Covet because it’s such a great piece.  So versatile with jeans or with black pants and lends any outfit a tad bit of sophistication.  I may still go ahead and order it but damn! it won’t be in time for the perfect party.

Daily Covet: I Tote-ally want this!

Tory Burch Jaden Tote, Neiman Marcus $245I recently posted some black patent flats as my daily covet.  But what good are adorable ballet flats without the coordinating tote?  And what better look for early spring than black patent leather?  It goes with everything from casual jeans and a t-shirt to a more work-appropriate pencil skirt and crisp white blouse.

This is a great little tote perfect for traveling or just going about your business around town.  It’s big enough to fit all your necessities and maybe a little more, if you have small children like I do.

Yep, this is a must have for the coming season!

Daily Covet: Imperfect can be so perfect!

I love jewelry but most days, I am securely fastened in my proverbial box and only wear the basics:  diamond studs and my wedding band.  Sometimes, I’ll throw on a sterling Tiffany pendant but even that’s a stretch.

That’s why I was so excited to run across this earring and ring set by Melissa Joy Manning!  Diamond studs and a bezel-set (albeit very eccentric bezel) ring set.  And because they have raw edges and natural inclusions, they are far less pricey than their majestic counterparts.

These raw diamonds are so imperfect that they are, well… perfect!

Melissa Joy Manning earrings & ring set, melissajoymanning.com $3500