Which one of these is just like the other?

I know I’m not the only one to notice that every Hollywood starlet is starting to look the same.

I’m talking about women who were formerly stunning and were aging well to begin with, have gone under the knife to essentially stop aging… the exact same knife, it seems because the noses all look the same.  The cheeks look the same.  The puffed up clown lips that leave no visible expression look the same.

And I have to wonder if these women have mirrors?  If they think they look better?  Or is it that everyone else looks the way that they do, post surgery so they think it’s normal?


Lisa Rinna, pre "lip fix"


Melanie Griffith, a train wreck for some time...

Nicole Kidman, was beautiful and now looks like everyone else with bad surgery

Courtney Cox. Beautiful in Springsteen's music video, beautiful in Friends, shocking in Cougar Town!

Meg Ryan, formerly the "girl next door"

Wizard of Oz's Cowardly Lion, who apparently, everyone wants to look like.

Who would you rather look like?  As if, I even have to ask!

Guess which one hasn't had plastic surgery!


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