I went searching….

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I went searching for a recipe to duplicate Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and this is what I came up with!  I haven’t tried it yet but the comments lead me to believe this woman  knows what she’s talking about!


Thanks Marye!

Reader’s Daily Covet: These boots were made for walking

UGG Australia "Annabelle" boot, Dillards.com $275

UGG Boots.  You either love them or you hate them.  But the very popular brand has moved beyond their traditional “after surf” shearling boot to make some high-fashion statements in footwear.

I recently put out a call for other people’s daily covets and one of my loyal readers responded.

She decided that these knee-high, riding boots with a the lace up detail at the back and a shearling sock liner were her daily covet.  I can’t say that I blame her!

Vote for Best Dressed!

Vogue is asking you to vote for best dressed.  I can’t decide between Carrie Mulligan and Blake Lively!  What do you think?  Leave your comments and let me know who you think is best dressed.  You can even pick an entirely new person!

(Blake Lively won by the time I published this post…)

Blake Lively, Fashion's Night Out

Carrie Mulligan, "Money Never Sleeps" premiere

Daily Covet: A little VeRmont&R

Today’s daily covet has taken a mental health day.  I have been suffering from a wicked sinus infection, had to attend the funeral of a family friend and experienced more than a few rough days with my young children all while my husband wraps up another business trip.  When I saw this weekend getaway to The Essex near Burlington, VT, I immediately got my covet on!

The Essex, ideeli.com, weekend 2-night package $449

Ideeli.com is offering a weekend 2-night rate in a fireplace mini suite and even offers a choice of one of the following upgrades; 2 ski lift tickets, 1 Swedish massage or a hands on cooking class with a chef from their award-winning culinary academy.  All this for $449!  I imagine sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot toddies after a long walk through the grounds of a wintery Vermont circa whenever “Baby Boom” came out…

So I took the next step to price plane tickets and realized that there is no cheap way to get from here to there!  A single airfare to Burlington cost almost as much as the deal itself.  So while I will have to sadly forgo a mental health weekend, I do recommend that someone who lives in an easier city to get in and out of, take ideeli.com up on this awesome deal!

Daily Covet: I’m passing the torch

Sorry, loyal followers, it’s been a few days without me udpating you on all the things that I want.  Maybe a welcome break?!

Today, I am passing the torch, so to speak and coveting on behalf of my darling husband.  A couple of years ago, we bought a lovely European SUV right before the birth of our second baby.  We had outgrown our miniature sedan and the task of getting a double stroller into the trunk of that car, was beyond impossible.

And while I now get to drive my kids around in luxury, my husband is still driving the “bumpy pup”, a nickname I’ve given to the 1998 mini Mazda pickup he bought right out of college twelve years ago.  Since that time, he has stained the gray carpet with spilled coffee, the stereo has been stolen, the door locks barely work and the windshield has an enormous crack.  But it’s paid for as was our little sedan.

Two car payments are just not an option right now so instead, I’ll put this gorgeous Volkswagen CC on my “wishing wall” on his behalf and we’ll be thankful that at least the “bumpy pup” still gets him where he needs to go after all these years!


2011 Volkswagen CC, http://www.volkswagen.com $41,000

Daily Covet: This is no Kodak moment

Leica V-LUX 20, camerakings.com $668

A couple years ago for my birthday, my family bought me an awesome Canon Rebel SLR.  However, with a stroke of bad luck, it turns out that my camera is suffering from a $225 (minimum, I hear!) communication error.  In the short time that I was able to use my Canon, I managed some gorgeous pictures of my children, my friends and some pretty scenery in my neighborhood but when it came to getting myself in pictures with my loved ones… no dice.  It became disappointingly evident that while most strangers can operate a point and shoot… an SLR, not so much.

With that said, I called on a good friend of my brother-in-law’s, who is also an amateur (but extremely talented) photographer, and he recommended this camera.  The proof is in the pictures and the pictures are amazing.  But you’ll pay for quality as this Leica cost more than my Canon Rebel.  I guess I’ll have to start saving!

Mad Men Style

eliza j sleeveless dress, ideeli.com $75

You know me?  Always on the lookout for “Betty Draper-wear!”  Ran across this dress today on ideeli.com and had to share.  Such a great occasion dress for the holidays and beyond.

I could totally see wearing this to a work Christmas party and even into the spring for a bridal or baby shower.  Love the embellishment, love the retro-style and love the short full skirt with pockets.  Throw this on with some satin pumps, diamond studs and you’re good -to-go!

Daily Covet: Head over heels

I am absolutely head over heels for these gorgeous Christian Louboutin pumps.  Carrie Bradshaw has her Manolos but I much prefer the signature red sole and heel of a pair of Louboutins.  These sky high heels are ultra-luxe with their rich, chocolate brown suede and pop of color underneath.  I don’t technically own anything that would be perfectly worn with these pumps, but I’ve never been accused of NOT being able (or guilty) of building an outfit around a pair of shoes!

Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 suede pumps, NET-A-PORTER.com $795

What’s your Daily Covet?

Send me your Daily Covet with a picture or a link to the coveted item and I will post them for LittleBlackSweats readers on Friday, 11/19.  You can tweet me at “lilblacksweats”,  send via FB on LittleBlackSweats.com or comment via this blog on any of the most recent Daily Covets.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has on their wish lists!