Reader’s Daily Covet: To top it off

Slouch Bow Cloche, Anthropologie $148

Another loyal reader submitted her Daily Covet.  She picked this cute little boiled wool, slouch cloche with a ginormous bow from Anthropologie.

I can totally see her in this cute topper with tons of earthy, ruffled layers and toothpick cords.

So cute for a chilly day about town and a great splurge for a little pre-Christmas present to herself… while she shops for others, of course!


Daily Covet: A website that I can use… for once, just once.

I love Borders Books.  We have one near my house and we shop there often.  I love their Seattle’s Best coffee and the way their store is laid out.  They always have helpful, friendly people checking me out up front.  I love the “non-booky” products they sell too.  But today, I am about ready to pull my hair out just trying to redeem my “Borders Bucks.”

I was in a hurry a few weeks back to buy an EBook for my book club.  I tried for 3 days before I was able to actually use the site to complete a purchase.  Every time I would try to purchase the book, it would take me to an all white page that gave me some cryptic error message.

Last night, I was trying again to search for a book that my son would love to open up at Christmas time.  Same snowy, white page with cryptic error message.  Today, I try again.  I get as far as putting the book into my cart and then go to check out.  It bounces me back and forth between my shopping cart page and the page that I login on (each page taking longer than the last to load) for about 10 minutes.

Alas, still not logged in and still haven’t checked out.

I’m almost tempted to instead visit my neighborhood Barnes & Noble and just pay full price for the book so that I can be sure that I’m actually going to have it in my son’s hot little hands by Christmas morning.

So today, friends, my covet is simple.  I just want to actually buy something online… while still in my pajamas… before my Borders bucks expire.  Is that so much to ask?  I think not.

My unused Border Bucks... and not for lack of effort!

Daily Covet: Let’s Ring in the New Year!

LEE ANGEL Rose gold-plated double ball ring, sale price $63

I found the cutest little accessory.  But what a big statement, it would make!  Everyone knows that pave ball earrings are all the rage this seasons and you can find them in every store from Target to Neiman Marcus.  I even picked up a gold-toned pair on my recent trip to Kansas City.

This cute, little rose-gold plated, pave ball ring would be just the right amount of bling to pair up with my earrings and it’s fairly inexpensive!  I’m thinking it be so cute with my gold sequin sweater  and simple black sheath for a New Year’s Eve Party!

I went searching….

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I went searching for a recipe to duplicate Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and this is what I came up with!  I haven’t tried it yet but the comments lead me to believe this woman  knows what she’s talking about!

Thanks Marye!

Reader’s Daily Covet: These boots were made for walking

UGG Australia "Annabelle" boot, $275

UGG Boots.  You either love them or you hate them.  But the very popular brand has moved beyond their traditional “after surf” shearling boot to make some high-fashion statements in footwear.

I recently put out a call for other people’s daily covets and one of my loyal readers responded.

She decided that these knee-high, riding boots with a the lace up detail at the back and a shearling sock liner were her daily covet.  I can’t say that I blame her!

Vote for Best Dressed!

Vogue is asking you to vote for best dressed.  I can’t decide between Carrie Mulligan and Blake Lively!  What do you think?  Leave your comments and let me know who you think is best dressed.  You can even pick an entirely new person!

(Blake Lively won by the time I published this post…)

Blake Lively, Fashion's Night Out

Carrie Mulligan, "Money Never Sleeps" premiere

Daily Covet: A little VeRmont&R

Today’s daily covet has taken a mental health day.  I have been suffering from a wicked sinus infection, had to attend the funeral of a family friend and experienced more than a few rough days with my young children all while my husband wraps up another business trip.  When I saw this weekend getaway to The Essex near Burlington, VT, I immediately got my covet on!

The Essex,, weekend 2-night package $449 is offering a weekend 2-night rate in a fireplace mini suite and even offers a choice of one of the following upgrades; 2 ski lift tickets, 1 Swedish massage or a hands on cooking class with a chef from their award-winning culinary academy.  All this for $449!  I imagine sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot toddies after a long walk through the grounds of a wintery Vermont circa whenever “Baby Boom” came out…

So I took the next step to price plane tickets and realized that there is no cheap way to get from here to there!  A single airfare to Burlington cost almost as much as the deal itself.  So while I will have to sadly forgo a mental health weekend, I do recommend that someone who lives in an easier city to get in and out of, take up on this awesome deal!