Daily Covet: A website that I can use… for once, just once.

I love Borders Books.  We have one near my house and we shop there often.  I love their Seattle’s Best coffee and the way their store is laid out.  They always have helpful, friendly people checking me out up front.  I love the “non-booky” products they sell too.  But today, I am about ready to pull my hair out just trying to redeem my “Borders Bucks.”

I was in a hurry a few weeks back to buy an EBook for my book club.  I tried for 3 days before I was able to actually use the site to complete a purchase.  Every time I would try to purchase the book, it would take me to an all white page that gave me some cryptic error message.

Last night, I was trying again to search for a book that my son would love to open up at Christmas time.  Same snowy, white page with cryptic error message.  Today, I try again.  I get as far as putting the book into my cart and then go to check out.  It bounces me back and forth between my shopping cart page and the page that I login on (each page taking longer than the last to load) for about 10 minutes.

Alas, still not logged in and still haven’t checked out.

I’m almost tempted to instead visit my neighborhood Barnes & Noble and just pay full price for the book so that I can be sure that I’m actually going to have it in my son’s hot little hands by Christmas morning.

So today, friends, my covet is simple.  I just want to actually buy something online… while still in my pajamas… before my Borders bucks expire.  Is that so much to ask?  I think not.

My unused Border Bucks... and not for lack of effort!

2 thoughts on “Daily Covet: A website that I can use… for once, just once.

  1. Will, I just tried to call my local store to see if they could help me. They have been unable to access their own site all day. The guy put me on hold to get me the customer service number to see if they would honor my Borders Bucks beyond tonight… I was on hold for 12 mins and gave up. I finally ended up sending an online inquiry to their customer service center… after 3 more cryptic error messages. I’m now going to tweet #Longlivethelibrary!

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