Daily Covet: I’m passing the torch

Sorry, loyal followers, it’s been a few days without me udpating you on all the things that I want.  Maybe a welcome break?!

Today, I am passing the torch, so to speak and coveting on behalf of my darling husband.  A couple of years ago, we bought a lovely European SUV right before the birth of our second baby.  We had outgrown our miniature sedan and the task of getting a double stroller into the trunk of that car, was beyond impossible.

And while I now get to drive my kids around in luxury, my husband is still driving the “bumpy pup”, a nickname I’ve given to the 1998 mini Mazda pickup he bought right out of college twelve years ago.  Since that time, he has stained the gray carpet with spilled coffee, the stereo has been stolen, the door locks barely work and the windshield has an enormous crack.  But it’s paid for as was our little sedan.

Two car payments are just not an option right now so instead, I’ll put this gorgeous Volkswagen CC on my “wishing wall” on his behalf and we’ll be thankful that at least the “bumpy pup” still gets him where he needs to go after all these years!


2011 Volkswagen CC, http://www.volkswagen.com $41,000


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