Daily Covet: Take a seat

We had a family dinner for 16 members this weekend.  Every time we decide to put on these gigs, it leaves me “jonesing” for a bigger dining room and of course, a much bigger dining table.  I decided to look around at some tables and realized that I love my inherited dining room table and it’s solitary leaf.  I have made it my not so distant future goal to have some more leaves custom made for said table so that we can just expand it to fit our expanding family.

With that said, I still have this vision of a whole different look to my dining room.  I have a gorgeous buffett that rarely gets seen because it’s tucked away in our tiny, dark dining room and a china cabinet, also beautiful but sits in another tucked away corner of my living room.

In a perfect world, I would add an additional 10′ to the back of my existing sun porch and make it into a grand ole space to serve 16 or more on a whim.  But for this, I would need more chairs.  I also have 6 pretty chairs to match my dining table, but they are of the harp back variety, which is classically elegant but means that they do not have upholstery on anything but the seats… which go unnoticed because they are tucked away under the table most of the time and inhabited at others.

So I found these little beauties.  Small enough for maximum capacity potential but with the upholstered high backs.  Now for the fun part – picking the fabric!

Townhouse Adison Side chair, EthanAllen $429

Townhouse Adison Armchair, EthanAllen $499


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