Daily Covet

As the mother of two boys, with a busier social calendar than Paris Hilton, I am always on the lookout for handbags that are durable, great looking and that double as a good old diaper bag.  While I only have one son still in diapers and I can usually get by with a single disposable and some wipes, I do consistently have to carry around toys, snacks and sippy cups for both.  I also have my own stuff, of course, so I need a place for keys, wallet, lip gloss and coupon file (more retail than grocery, I might add!)

I subscribe to a gaggle of the discount shopping sites so I am getting daily emails from many sources on their great (and sometimes not so great) deals.  Today, I found a fantastic satchel with huge layered pockets, great for sippys and an optional long strap.  It’s also Nylon, which is key for a busy mom and means that I can wipe away any spills or sticky marks from little uncoordinated hands.  And it’s black, which means it’d match almost every other item of clothing and accessory I own.

I think this will move quickly from the covet list to the “must have” list.

L.A.M.B. Brandywell Convertible Satchel, GILT Sale $119

Get This Mom’s Take on the Dad’s Convention

I was recently invited to be a guest at the Daddyshome Inc. convention.  Get this mom’s take on how it went and what I learned from some really exceptional dads!  Read more on Momaha.com.

The Death of the Perfect LBD

So I have this “go to” LBD that my friends and I just love.  I got it many years ago in San Francisco and it’s been a loyal friend to many wearers for many occasions.  It’s Tahari, like the real thing Tahari, before they introduced some lower priced sister lines… black, knit, polo style color with no buttons… shows just a little, not a lot and can be worn almost any time of the year.

Sadly, after the last loan to one of it’s biggest fans, my perfect LBD was sent to the dry cleaners.  Unfortunately for the dress, the fan and myself, the dry cleaning solution left some weird “oil spill” stains.  Even more unfortunate, I noticed this flaw just recently, almost 2 years after it’s last wear so we probably have no recourse, as far as the dry cleaners are concerned.  I would be devastated if I actually fit into it right now, which I do not… at this moment, anyway.


Death of an LBD


So I am now on the hunt for a new LBD, something casual enough to wear with knee boots for day but dressy enough to throw on with some black sling backs for night.  If you find something you think might replace this former staple, leave a link in the comments for me!

“You are Superman” Jacqueline Edelberg

There was a great post on Mamapedia today about neighborhood schools.  I’m so thankful that we are looking forward to sending our oldest to a great public school in the neighborhood in two years.  My husband’s previous teaching experience, in a struggling inner city school, taught us that not all kids are  that fortunate but they deserve to be.

See more here Jacqueline Edelberg of “How to Walk to School” for action items on getting your neighborhood school not only up to par, but on par with many of area private schools.

Daily Covet… yes, it’s back!

I had a busy week full of fourth birthday party planning but I’m back and I’m wanting… in a big way!  I’ve told you before that my house is old and that I love it, but what would make me love it even more is a nice, new, convenient – yet traditional kitchen.

The Dundee Days parade left me with a token orange peeler along with a little advertisement for Tangerine Designs.  I got online and checked out their portfolio and I’m sold.  I think I’ve found my dream kitchen… now all I have to do is add some serious space onto the back of my house… details, details, details.

Tangerine Designs, tangerinedesigns.net


Daily Covet


Tom Ford "Jennifer", Nordstrom $360


It seems counterintuitive to be looking for sunglasses at the beginning of fall, yes?

Well, there are two reasons why I am always on the hunt for sunglasses… I mean these sunglasses.  First, my eyes are incredibly sensitive so even on dreary gray days, I channel my inner Bono and wear sunglasses.

Secondly, I will tell you that this is probably one of my all-time daily covets as I have been wanting these sunglasses for almost two years now.  About six months ago, I actually went and tried them on with a friend and she gave me the thumbs up… to covet some more.

Pre-children, I would’ve bought these in a heartbeat but now this girl is hesitant to spend that kind of money… on really anything for myself.  I mean hell, you could buy a 32″ flat screen t.v. for that amount of money and I do actually need that too!

Sure, I could surf through eBay, hoping to find an authentic bargain pair or I could suck it up and get them through Amazon for the bargain price of $199.

But now that I pretend to be older and wiser, I feel like I should actually get the man, Tom Ford for $360.

Because I covet him too.