Daily Covet

Sperry Topsider "Hingham" Boots, Zappos.com $90

I’m getting ready for grey skies and sloppy weather.  Check out these cuter than cute, Sperry Top Sider “Hingham” boots.  Can you just imagine a shrunken boyfriend blazer, some skinny jeans and these adorable rain boots?  What’s not to like about the rubber bottoms and the weather proof quilted shaft?  This boot is the perfect marriage of form and function and I want ’em!


I Hate Politicians

Can anyone just give it to us straight?  I’m so sick of the lip service that candidates are handing out and the spin that the “news” networks share with the American population.  But most recently, the Republican approach to Congressional elections is focused on how much money the Obama administration is spending.  Consider this:  the top three expenditures by the U.S. government are Health & Medicare, Social Security and the Military, none of which Republican constiuents are going to want to touch with a red pen…. so how exactly are Republicans going to tackle the deficit?  It’s really anybody’s guess….

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Daily Covet

Who doesn’t like velvet?

Alexa Chung for Madewell "Billie" velvet shorts, madewell.com $88

Whether it be a crushed velvet dress or an overstuffed couch, velvet feels mmmm mmmm good.  And this season I am thrown back to my fifth grade days when shorts in the winter were all the rage.

So Alexa Chung’s “Billie” velvet shorts are just the perfect combination of two things I really love.  Fortunately, these are a far more mature and updated version of my wool, pleated, bermuda shorts but the idea is the same.  Find yourself some fabulous patterned tights and an oversized cardigan, for proportion’s sake and this is a very versatile outfit!

Alexa Chung for Madewell "Billie" velvet shorts, madewell.com $88


A Lingerie Football League.

Have you seen this story?  Have you seen some of these games?  If not, click here.

Do I love football?  Yes.  Do I love that women are playing football and doing it well?  Yes.  Is it puke-provoking that they are wearing almost nothing to do it?  Yes.

What are your thoughts?

Daily Covet

We have been experiencing an Indian summer here in Middle America.  It’s been hard to change out my closet from summer to fall/winter because the days are still characterized by 70 degree temperatures.  But today, something has changed… it’s crisp out!  The arrival of fall temps had me looking for jackets for my boys this morning for a walk to preschool.  But now – I’m looking for jackets pour moi!

I ran across this great little cropped wool jacket, perfect for jeans, a pencil skirt or even J. Crew’s charcoal Minnie pants.  It’s super unfussy but has great details and really makes a statement, even if it’s just on top of your favorite old blue jeans!


lateeBLACK asymmetrical cropped jacket, ideeli sale $147


Daily Covet

While I think this “Daily Covet” is self-explanatory, I’ll explain anyway.  I ran across this t-shirt the other day and loved it.  You see, my husband was born on Christmas and in certain unsensitive circles, we like to call him “Jesus.”  While we mean no disrespect, it is a little funny and ironic because my husband isn’t the least bit religious and his mother is a former nun.

Sorry God.


David Johansen - Immaculate Conception T-Shirt, Worn Free $49.95


Daily Covet(s)

Well, it’s about that time of year again.  We are a month and a half out from the start of our holiday party circuit so I am on the hunt for my holiday party dress or outfit.  Shopping for holiday party wear is probably my most favorite pastime so I have been doing a lot of it.  Here are some of my top covets:


D & G, Ideeli sale $298


Super cute burgundy satin dinner suit by Dolce & Gabbana’s, D & G line.  I love the cropped pants (as they will be of normal length on me!) and the portrait color on the jacket.  This is a great pick for those of us that live in considerably colder climates.  It means our legs won’t freeze, if we have a long walk from the car!



Tory Burch "Panzi" Sequin Dress, Nordstrom sale $274



If you’ve done any shopping or merely standing in or near a mall, you know that sequins are everywhere.  They can be dressy all on their own with sky-high party girl shoes or dressed down with booties and a boyfriend blazer.  And this great shift style is pretty versatile for any body type.


Aidan Maddox Sequin Mesh Sheath Dress, Nordstrom $295


This little number is fanstastic all on it’s own.  Sparkling studs and strappy heels and you are set to go.  I love this dress because it offers so much coverage up top and shows so much leg at the bottom, a real “less is more” approach to a fancy night out!