Daily Covet

We have been experiencing an Indian summer here in Middle America.  It’s been hard to change out my closet from summer to fall/winter because the days are still characterized by 70 degree temperatures.  But today, something has changed… it’s crisp out!  The arrival of fall temps had me looking for jackets for my boys this morning for a walk to preschool.  But now – I’m looking for jackets pour moi!

I ran across this great little cropped wool jacket, perfect for jeans, a pencil skirt or even J. Crew’s charcoal Minnie pants.  It’s super unfussy but has great details and really makes a statement, even if it’s just on top of your favorite old blue jeans!


lateeBLACK asymmetrical cropped jacket, ideeli sale $147



4 thoughts on “Daily Covet

  1. You have excellent taste in clothing! I bet you make an excellent personal shopper for not only yourself, but friends, too. I have a breakfast to go to in the morning . . .of course, I am bringing out Ann Taylor from two seasons ago to wear; but shopping for something new still would have been fun! 🙂

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