Daily Covet

As the mother of two boys, with a busier social calendar than Paris Hilton, I am always on the lookout for handbags that are durable, great looking and that double as a good old diaper bag.  While I only have one son still in diapers and I can usually get by with a single disposable and some wipes, I do consistently have to carry around toys, snacks and sippy cups for both.  I also have my own stuff, of course, so I need a place for keys, wallet, lip gloss and coupon file (more retail than grocery, I might add!)

I subscribe to a gaggle of the discount shopping sites so I am getting daily emails from many sources on their great (and sometimes not so great) deals.  Today, I found a fantastic satchel with huge layered pockets, great for sippys and an optional long strap.  It’s also Nylon, which is key for a busy mom and means that I can wipe away any spills or sticky marks from little uncoordinated hands.  And it’s black, which means it’d match almost every other item of clothing and accessory I own.

I think this will move quickly from the covet list to the “must have” list.

L.A.M.B. Brandywell Convertible Satchel, GILT Sale $119

2 thoughts on “Daily Covet

  1. This will be perfect for Blase and Patrick’s stuff! Hopefully there’ll be enough room left for my stuff. Thanks for the hot tip!! Love your blog, Amy!!

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