The Death of the Perfect LBD

So I have this “go to” LBD that my friends and I just love.  I got it many years ago in San Francisco and it’s been a loyal friend to many wearers for many occasions.  It’s Tahari, like the real thing Tahari, before they introduced some lower priced sister lines… black, knit, polo style color with no buttons… shows just a little, not a lot and can be worn almost any time of the year.

Sadly, after the last loan to one of it’s biggest fans, my perfect LBD was sent to the dry cleaners.  Unfortunately for the dress, the fan and myself, the dry cleaning solution left some weird “oil spill” stains.  Even more unfortunate, I noticed this flaw just recently, almost 2 years after it’s last wear so we probably have no recourse, as far as the dry cleaners are concerned.  I would be devastated if I actually fit into it right now, which I do not… at this moment, anyway.


Death of an LBD


So I am now on the hunt for a new LBD, something casual enough to wear with knee boots for day but dressy enough to throw on with some black sling backs for night.  If you find something you think might replace this former staple, leave a link in the comments for me!

6 thoughts on “The Death of the Perfect LBD

  1. Amy, how sad! Neiman Marcus online sale has a lot of great LBDs, like

    But, personally, I would recommend going to NBC on 72nd Street. It might take a few visits, but they have a ton of beautiful, high-end dresses there most for under $100. You’d have to dig (and you have to check the dresses thoroughly because some are damaged) but I promise you’d eventually find something completely amazing. They also have shoes (Frye and Cole Haan boots right now), Michael Stars tshirts for $3 each, and plenty of other buried treasures. Have you ever been in there?

  2. @Kristin, I have been to NBC – way back when it was on 84th even! The problem is, with kids, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to visit and even less time to dig once I’m there… I will be checking for the Cole Haan boots though!!

    • Totally understand…I will try to keep you posted if I see anything especially great in the form of LBD coming through there for you.

  3. LBD back from the dead! I did a crazy thing… I washed my favorite LBD in cold water, on a gentle cycle and hung to dry. The dry cleaning, oil slick solution is gone!! Now if I could just get small enough to fit into it!!

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