Daily Covet


Tom Ford "Jennifer", Nordstrom $360


It seems counterintuitive to be looking for sunglasses at the beginning of fall, yes?

Well, there are two reasons why I am always on the hunt for sunglasses… I mean these sunglasses.  First, my eyes are incredibly sensitive so even on dreary gray days, I channel my inner Bono and wear sunglasses.

Secondly, I will tell you that this is probably one of my all-time daily covets as I have been wanting these sunglasses for almost two years now.  About six months ago, I actually went and tried them on with a friend and she gave me the thumbs up… to covet some more.

Pre-children, I would’ve bought these in a heartbeat but now this girl is hesitant to spend that kind of money… on really anything for myself.  I mean hell, you could buy a 32″ flat screen t.v. for that amount of money and I do actually need that too!

Sure, I could surf through eBay, hoping to find an authentic bargain pair or I could suck it up and get them through Amazon for the bargain price of $199.

But now that I pretend to be older and wiser, I feel like I should actually get the man, Tom Ford for $360.

Because I covet him too.

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