Daily Covet

It’s almost that time of year again when everyone starts planning their parties for the holidays.  My planning starts a little earlier in the year because my first born’s birthday is in early October.  I’m one of those moms that loves a good party, loves the details and hates the execution… so I try to make things easier on myself  by having gadgets around to help lighten the load.

Today, in preparation for Mr. Handsome’s fourth birthday, I am coveting the Channing Drink Dispenser from Room Service Home.  I love that you can politely tell your guests to serve themselves while showing off a beautiful dispenser that everyone will love to look at as they pour themselves a beverage.

Will I have it in time for this party?  No, probably not but it’s on my list of “must haves.”  Now I just have to figure out where to store it when I’m not partying.  Maybe every day can be a “get it your own damn self” day!

Channing Drink Dispenser, RSH Catalog $89


9 thoughts on “Daily Covet

  1. I was a Sam’s Club today and thought of this post. I saw a beverage dispenser that was not quite as snazzy as the on you featured in your post, but a lot prettier than the less expensive one. Sam’s had it priced at $40. I checked Sam’s website for a link, but it isn’t online.

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