Daily Covet

If I didn’t already have the most fabulous little boys’ room around, I would consider trying to copy this…. but I thought I would share (click here for room view #2 as I couldn’t copy the picture directly from website!)

While virtually visiting one of my favorite websites, called OneKingsLane.com, I found that they had some ideas for sprucing up children’s rooms.  I ran across this adorable room that wouldn’t normally be my “style” but I just thought it was such a nice way to be ranch-y and rustic while still being traditional and tailored.

Notice the pale, blue walls… my all time favorite… such a great way to create calm in a room.  Also the ironic use of bucking bronco fabric in the curtains… not such a calming effect?

The headboards are custom, I’m sure with animal hide-like print fabric and the bedding is clean and unfussy.  I love that there are some small punches of red in there to keep the predominantly white and pastel colors from becoming too bland.

If someone ends up recreating this room, please notify me immediately with picture proof of the adorable results!


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