First day of school

Jack started his second year of preschool today.  Last year, I was a little sad when I took his front porch “first day of school” photo.  This year, I couldn’t wait for him to start.

It’s 2.5 hours of baby’s nap time and Jack’s school day that I get to myself.  Oddly enough, I reviewed bills, emptied the dishwasher, caught up on the phone with a friend and picked up other parts of my house.  I really need to figure out what to do that would be more self-serving during this time…  perhaps when Grant moves to just an afternoon nap, I’ll be more inclined to visit the gym early and get that out of the way.

But until then, I’ll probably spend more time preparing my blogs before they are actually due to my editor!

Might as well face it….

I’m addicted to Glee!  A friend of mine talked me into giving this show a try.  I couldn’t be less of a fan of people breaking into song to tell stories (hence my total aversion to Broadway shows!) but she assured me that it was also smart.

So I started watching it on and I’m hooked.  All the kids are great actors, most are fantastic singers, the script is really clever and it definitely appeals for adults.

Unfortunately, I received my next disc via Netflix and there are only TWO EPISODES on it, one of which I have already seen on HULU!  I’m so annoyed!

Little Black Sweats gets a new face!

Hi All, has a new home.  I moved it to WordPress for aesthetic and publishing reasons.  I hope you’ll enjoy the “new look.”

I’m also hoping that the easier publishing experience will force me to post more often.  I appreciate your readership and hope that you’ll visit often.



It’s that time again…

September has rolled around once again and it’s time to start thinking about Jack’s birthday party in early October.

We’ve done the Thomas the Train birthday party twice now because Jack’s obsessed with trains.  Last year, we did a pizza party with a Halloween theme.  It was planned very last minute but came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

But this year, I wanted to capitalize on the weather this time of year… when it’s fun to be outside in the evening… pumpkin patch style.  I’m thinking hay bales and s’mores.  White lights strung all around the yard and ghosts hanging from the trees.  I’m also picturing a really cute homemade scarecrow… now if I can only come up with a budget for said party… and more importantly stick to that budget!

It’s getting harder and harder as our very close friends and their families along with our families leaves us with a 40+ person guest list.  Not so good for the budget… but it always turns out to be so fun and what better excuse than your first born, to throw a great party!

Hmmmm, I’m going to have to get really creative.