Weekly Covet is now the daily covet…

Blog Stats don’t lie.  Every week when I feature my “Weekly Covet,” the page views spike.  Now, before you go thinking that I’m manipulating y’all by

Bernhardt Market Street Armoire, $3330

posting a daily covet purely for page views, know this:  I love “Wanting!”  I’m actually dying to do this more often, so here it goes:

I live in a great little home in a great little neighborhood.  My house was built in 1925 and boasts sturdy oak floors, leaded glass, hammered metal door knobs and fixtures and more character than you can shake a stick at.  However, as anyone who lives in an old home knows, we are seriously lacking a few things such as a double (or triple) car garage, multiple bathrooms on the second floor and probably the most important for a lifelong covet’er of things – closet space.

While our bedrooms are spacious, the master boasts two small glorified coat closets.  Not super handy for someone who hasn’t stopped buying or saving shoes since 1992.  So my covet du jour is the most beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, amazing piece of furniture.  My favorite item is the armoire, just one piece of  an exquisite bedroom set and I actually want each and every piece of it!

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