I love my new phone, I hate my new phone….

I recently upgraded my phone from a 3YO Blackberry to an HTC Aria.  It’s so small and fabulous and does such wonderful things; none of which I knew until I was coached by some family and close friends.  But I “absorb” much better than I read directions and now I can do tons of fun things on my awesome new gadget.  I love my new phone…

However, one day I returned home from the gym after a class only to find that my screen was cracked.  Cracked in a million little pieces… ok, only 10 maybe and the phone still works but I was devastated.  “Did I have phone insurance?” you ask.  Sadly, No.  I have never had to have it in all my years of cell phone use so I didn’t pay the $4+ per month to make sure that I could lose or break my phone.

I immediately got online and found a replacement screen for far less than a new phone would cost.  Downside #1, it had to come from Hong Kong.  Downside #2, I had to wait for it to come by mail from Hong Kong.  Downside #3, I am not a patient person.  Thirteen days later, it finally arrived with all the little tools that I would need to successfully change out my screen.

I got online and found a fabulous video to walk me through the process step by step.  Upside #1, the guy doing the amateur tutorial had an Australian accent.  This was going to be more fun than I thought.  Upside #2, the process seemed to be easy and would make me look like a tech-y genius when I bragged about installing my new screen with the digitizer and all!

Unfortunately, as I started completing the first couple of steps, I realized that the stupid Chinese company sent me the wrong “tool” to fix said phone.  I tried using little tiny standard screwdrivers to no avail.  I hit up friends, who are loaded down with tools and realized that the only tool they had was the one that the stupid company already sent me.

Days later, I still have a broken screen on my phone.  A replacement screen on my dining room table.  And NO tool to do anything with either one of them.  I hate my new phone….

2 thoughts on “I love my new phone, I hate my new phone….

  1. Update, it took me 2+ hours to use the wrong screwdriver to take apart the phone. I have replaced the screen and applied the wrapsol that my husband got for me the day after my phone screen shattered. Mission accomplished. I heart my phone again.

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