Is it time to talk already?

Everyday Grant is saying more and more. His first word, like his brother’s, was “car” much to my amusement, being the car enthusiast that I am. Then he moved onto other “B” words like “ball” and names like “Bob.” Yesterday, it was “kitty” and today “cracker.”

I’m amazed that it’s already time for him to start talking. He’s 15 months… is that when Jack started building his verbal vocabulary? Everything seems to go so much faster with Grant that I forget when to expect these milestones.

And while he has been able to walk for almost 2 months now, often he chose not to. However, the last few days have his confidence high as he uses the steps or furniture to stand up and makes his way on foot through the house. Sometimes his balance is great and other times, he toddles along, hands outstretched for a better weight distribution.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, even the second time around!


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